That's Me.
That's Leica.

For over one hundred years now, Leica Camera have stood for tradition, precision and innovation. The real strength behind the brand, however, are the many people around the globe, whose expertise, love and passion ensure that Leica can concentrate on what counts – das Wesentliche, the essential in photography. From the lens grinder to the director, from the gallery owner to the marketing manager – every week five Leica employees from all over the world will tell you for the next four weeks why they are proud to work for Leica.

“A constant inspiration”
Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez

"With two decades of continuous, curatorial practice in the non-profit and academic sector, I joined Leica Camera USA as Curator & Gallery Manager of the Leica Gallery Boston in 2017. The Leica community and its amazing worldwide network of galleries have been a constant inspiration!" Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Leica Gallery Boston

“Employees striving for perfection”
Edgar Zimmermann

"For me, the company stands for the way the employees strive tirelessly for perfection. What’s important is that the basis for this, the mutual respect and appreciation, is experienced by all the staff. From my experience as part of the workers’ council, this wholistic way of thinking is what guarantees the high quality and, as a result, customer satisfaction." Edgar Zimmermann, Leica Camera AG (recently retired)

“Ahead when it comes to innovative production processes”
Renato Silva

"It was my first job, which I started 20 years ago. I’ve always enjoyed working here, because the company is always ahead when it comes to innovative production processes and technologies." Renato Silva, Leica Camera Portugal, Group Leader Automatic Lathe

"A life-long love of Leica"
Roger Horn

"I have been with Leica in the USA for over 46 years. A life-long love of Leica, that is perfectly framed by my passion and pride for what I do, and with whom I do it – at Leica Camera." Roger Horn, Managing Director for Leica USA

“To bring things to perfection”
Peter Schreiner

"In 2006 I finished my degree as an electrical technician. I started working for Leica as a process engineer in 2010. Since 2015, I am Head of Camera Assembly at the plant in Wetzlar. I love to bring things to perfection. This is exactly Leica." Peter Schreiner, Leica Camera AG

“Make customers family members”
Sunil Kaul

"My journey with the Leica brand started in January 2007. I set-up the Leica office in Asia in 2008, followed by other subsidiaries and the opening of more than 14 stores. We changed the way we treated our customers and partners, making them friends and family members. It’s a challenging journey; but they say that when you love what you do it’s not a job any more. It’s an honour to be a part of this team and unique brand, and I’m so grateful to meet fantastic people on a daily basis." Sunil Kaul, Managing Director for Leica Camera Asia Pacific

“I love the job”
Ana Márcia Almeida

"I started working for Leica 23 years ago after finishing school. I love my job as a lens edge sander, and, in fact, being at Leica is like being with my family." Ana Márcia Almeida, Leica Camera Portugal

“Meet people who love Leica”
Kazunori Fuke

"In April 2007, just 13 years ago, I moved from Hermès Japan to Leica Camera Japan, which was a joint-venture of Hermès and Leica. Both companies share craftsmanship as a common value. There are so many things I like about Leica, but for me the best one is that I have the chance to meet so many different, wonderful people who love Leica! I still continue on this unique and happy journey." Kazunori Fuke, Managing Director for Leica Camera Japan

“This traditional company fascinates me”
Uwe Henß

"I started my education in precision engineering at Leitz Wetzlar in 1982, and I was part of the launch of Leica Camera AG in Wetzlar in 1986. I have been fascinated by this traditional company ever since, and I am very proud to work here for Leica in Wetzlar." Uwe Henß, Leica Camera AG

“Proud to be a part of the World of Leica”
Nadine Thomas

"I’ve been working as Service Expert in the Human Resources department at Leica Camera AG headquarters in Wetzlar for 17 years. For me it’s more than just a work place. I’m proud to be a part of the World of Leica. Through my job, I meet many new and diverse people. I like people, numbers, and I’m open for challenges. I love my job! I enjoy my passion for photography during my spare time." Nadine Thomas, Leica Camera AG